Passion and Tradition

Passion, quality, tradition and love for the land are the core values of farm Lo Giudice. Family Lo Giudice is passionate about growing grape and making great-quality wine since 1900. Back then, great-grandfather Vito started to trade wine from the cask, growing fine grapes on his farm. His hard work and passion have been carried throughout the decades by the whole family.


Today, we still work with experienced agronomists and oenologists to produce fine wine for our most demanding clients. We are hard workers, but most of all, as a family, we all share a great passion.


Result orientation & innovation

Our wines are obtained from high-quality grapes that enhance the flavours of Sicily. Once the wine is made, it is allowed to age into oak barrels. We are tied to tradition, but we take innovation into great consideration.

Year by year, we work hard to take our Company to the next level by increasing its productivity. Our main goal is to build a strong relationship with anyone who loves fine wine.

Passionate about the land

We have always worked to increase the value of our land. We are proud of our homeland. When it comes to growing our grapes, we do the best to preserve their flavour and scent. We promote a journey through Sicilian flavours that will win your heart and mind, sip after sip. Our watchword is “I drink Sicilian wine“.

Winery Lo Giudice

Red and White Wines of Sicily